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April 20, 2020

Experts predict that half our planet could become uninhabitable by 2100 due to global warming.  Trees play two critical roles in our ecosystem. They store CO2 emissions, the number one cause of global warming, while also transforming that CO2 into oxygen for us.  But sadly, each year more than 13 million hectares disappear from the earth and over 50% of the world's forests have already been destroyed.



Although there are several factors causing deforestation, some of which are natural, it is human factors that are mainly responsible for deforestation globally. 80% is caused by agriculture, the remaining 20% ​​caused by construction and urbanization.



On Climate Change

Trees store CO2 throughout their life. By destroying these trees, the capacity of the global ecosystem to store CO2 is reduced. Less trees means less CO2 absorbed and therefore more greenhouse effect. As a result, it is estimated that deforestation is responsible worldwide for the equivalent of 20% of CO2 emissions, making it one of the biggest contributors to global warming.

On Biodiversity

Destruction of the forest removes natural inhabitants and seriously threatens the flora and fauna present. In regions like the Amazon, where lives a very varied flora like nowhere else and often still unexplored, we fear a real catastrophe for our world heritage. Also, in some parts of Africa, silver gorillas are endangered due to the gradual reduction of their natural habitat. It is estimated that nearly 30,000 species could disappear within the next 25 years due to deforestation.



Globally, there are currently three major areas of deforestation: the Amazon, Southeast Asia and Africa.

The Amazon is the main victim (53% of global deforestation). Every 7 seconds, the equivalent of a football field disappears. At this rate we expect the complete disappearance of the Amazon by 2150. The Amazon rainforest is considered the lungs of the planet for its capacity to store carbon and produce oxygen.

According to the different reports on the subject (Greenpeace, FAO) and if we include the production of soybeans that are used as animal feed, livestock farming would be responsible for around 70 to 80% of deforestation in the Amazon region.  The development of intensive livestock production, associated with an ever-increasing consumption of meat in developed countries, is one of the main cause of Amazonian deforestation.




A first solution is to neutralize our individual carbon footprint by planting trees. A newly planted tree stores between 10 and 50 kg of CO2 per year.  Based on the average of a North American person, our typical annual consumption is about 20 Tons of CO2. Therefore, if we could all find a way to contribute to planting about 650 trees per year, at least we could neutralize our individual footprint.

There are online tools to calculate your own carbon footprint.


Make Sustainable Choices

In combination with replanting trees, you can also have a huge impact by making informed daily choices. By using less material, avoiding single-use packaging, eating sustainable food and choosing recycled or responsibly produced wood products, we can all be part of the movement to protect forests.

Remember...the most important step to fight against deforestation is simple everyday actions to reduce our personal impact.



For this special collection, we’ve decided to partner with One Tree Planted. (

Since its foundation in 2014, One Tree Planted, also located in Montreal, has planted close to 6 million trees in regions covering North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Australia.  In 2019 alone, they’ve planted 4 million trees contributing not only to global warming mitigation, but helping numerous families and species to survive.

In order to help One Tree Planted to reach their aggressive target of planting 6 million trees in 2020, we’ve decided to partner with them for our 1st collection on deforestation.  For every shirt sold, we will be planting 2 trees as well as developing educative content to raise the maximum awareness of this critical social cause through our community.

Thank you all in advance for helping us contribute to the success of this amazing organization and by doing so, helping the Stylence community to make a difference! 

Steve & Stephanie

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