Build A Better World One Collection And One Cause At A Time.


To offer fashionable and sustainable clothing that inspires people to make a difference with us.


We believe we can build a better world through fashionable and sustainable clothing that truly inspires people to make a difference with us. By investing ourselves in each cause we represent, by giving back for every product sold, by protecting our planet and by spreading love all around us, we believe we can make a difference TOGETHER WITH STYLE!

Together, let’s make a difference with style!



We are committed to invest ourselves and mobilize our community in each cause we represent to maximize our overall impact.


We are committed to giving back a minimum of 1$ for every product sold.


We are committed to saving the planet by continuously pushing ourselves to find new ways to neutralize our environmental impact and by planting one tree for every product sold.


We are committed to treating one another with care and respect by working with ethically certified manufacturers and by promoting love, kindness and inclusiveness in our community.


We believe we can make a difference by investing ourselves and mobilizing our community in each cause we represent.

In 2020, we did a Stylence Van Tour across Quebec to visit several of the 43 houses part of le regroupement des maisons pour femmes victimes de violence conjugale. We had the opportunity to meet passionate workers and many courageous women. We've filmed our tour and created educational content to raise the awareness of this important cause. Our campaign reached hundreds of thousands of people through our social platforms.

As part of our campaign to fight cyberintimidation, we also had the privilege of conducting interviews with Soline Le Martret, communications and events advisor at La Fondation Tel-jeunes, as well as Claudie Mercier and Alex-Anne Aubé Kubel, 2 ex-participants of Occupation Double now playing the role of major influencer among our youth. They’ve accepted to share their point of view and personal experience hoping to inspire and help anyone caught in this negative spiral. We shared the videos on our social platforms and our overall campaign reached more than 1 million people.

Moving into 2021, our goal is to develop new partnerships and create more fun activities where we can mobilize our community to make a bigger difference all together.


We believe we can make a difference by giving back for every product sold.

In 2020, we are proud to say that we gave back more than 3,000$ in total donations. Moving into 2021, our goal is to give back more than 10 000$ to our various partnering organizations. To achieve that, our plan is to develop new partnerships, expand our offering and bring more new collections to our customers

Here is the details of our donations per collections:

Essentials, Classic, minimalist and Save Our Jaguar collection

  • 2 trees/product

Let Your Light Shine collection : Donations goes to Le regroupement des maisons pour femmes victime de violence conjugale

  • 1$ + 1 tree/product

SpreadTheLove collection : Donations goes to Tel-jeunes

  • 10$ for this product: Tel-jeunes hoodie
  • 5$ for this product : SpreadTheLove Exclusive Hoodie
  • 1$ for all of the other products in the collection
  • + 1 tree/product

*Donations for the trees goes to One Tree Planted.*


We believe we can make a difference by protecting our planet. To achieve this we are using sustainable or recycled certified fabrics, water-based printing inks, biodegradable and recycled certified packaging as well as planting one tree for every product sold.

Moving into 2021, our goal is to produce more collections locally when possible and economical for our customers, develop new innovative fabrics and develop partnerships to plant more trees.



Organic cotton uses methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. It is grown without the use of toxic chemicals and artificial fertilizers. It is handpicked which makes the fibers more soft, strong and durable. It also uses less water.

With conventional cotton, the chemicals and fertilizers harm the land, the people that work on that land and they end up in the ground, air, water and food supply which can cause health issues globally. Also, people with more sensitive skin can experience allergic reactions to the dyes and chemicals.

Our organic cotton is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). That standard doesn’t just take into account the product, but also that human rights are respected in the workplaces. The workers are assured to get steady jobs with fair pay and work in hygienic, safe conditions. GOTS-certified workplaces prohibit coercion, discrimination, child labour, excessive hours, and inhumane treatment.


Recycled polyester is a fabric produced from existing plastic. To produce this fabric, we mostly use plastic bottles that are converted into tiny pellets, melted and spun into yarn.

This process reduces reliance on virgin petroleum as a raw material, diverts used plastic from landfills and prevents used plastic from ending up in our oceans and harming marine life. It also decreases water usage and greenhouse gas emissions from creating and processing virgin polyester. Recycled polyester can be continuously recycled again and again without quality degradation.

Our recycled polyester is certified by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). That standard makes sure the material meets the ISO definition of recycled. Workplaces are required to meet strict social and environmental requirements. The certification ensures that the identity of the recycled material is maintained: from the recycler to the final product.


We print on our clothes with water based ink. It does not damage the air when evaporated and can be washed with water, without use of chemicals.


For every product sold, we are planting one tree in the Amazon with our partner One Tree Planted. In 2020, we will have planted more than 2,000 trees, representing almost 3 brand new forests. In 2021, we aim to plant 6,000 trees.


Our mailing bags are made entirely from plants. The product we use is 70-80% PBAT and 10-20% PLA, which is completely compostable and recyclable. They are all EN13432 /ASTM D6400/ OK Compost / BPI/SGS Certified.

Our wrapping paper and the sticker we use are also biodegradable.

The recycled paper we use for the thank-you card is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). FSC ensures forests are managed in a way that takes care of the animals and plants who inhabit it, and the workers and local communities who rely on forests.


We believe we can make a difference by spreading love all around us. To do that, we only work with ethically certified manufacturers and we promote love, kindness and inclusiveness in our community.


Up to this point, all of our collections (with the exceptions of our masks and crunchies) have been proudly designed in Canada and produced ethically in China. From the pattern creation and styling up to the illustration and printing, every product is the fruit of a strong local teamwork. As far as fabrics sourcing and production, our factories are certified by the World Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP). That means that each factory meets the highest standards in terms of ethical business practice and human rights.

Why do we produce in China ?

China is the world leader when it comes to premium sustainable fabrics. 95% of the world's fabrics come from Asia. They’ve developed over the years a complete integrated network of high quality and ethically and certified manufacturing facilities. For a small company like us to provide premium quality sustainable products to our customers at a reasonable price, this avenue has been our only choice so far. Thus, when we compare our environmental impact of importing the fabrics and producing here locally vs producing oversea and shipping by boat whenever possible, we estimate that our overall impact has been about the same.

Moving into the future and as we grow, obviously our ultimate goal would be to have each product made 100% locally. Starting this year in 2021, we plan on introducing new exclusive collections that will be made 100% here locally in Quebec. The premium sustainable fabrics will be sourced globally by GOTS and GRS certified factories, shipped by boat to Canada and produced on demand and in limited quantity only. Making each of these products extremely unique and exclusive.


In 2020, we tried our best to inspire people in building a world based on love, kindness and inclusiveness.

For example and to support our fight against cyberintimidation, we mobilized our community to help us spread a huge wave of love through our social platforms. Together, we created a movement under the theme #SpreadTheLove where hundreds of people sent each other touching and inspiring messages.

During Christmas, we tried to inspire kindness by putting together a special fund raising with the objective to create a magical Christmas for a few women and children that lost everything as part of a recent domestic violence episode. We were able to raise a small amount of money through our community as well as mobilize a few local brands to donate some products.

As far as promoting inclusiveness, we do our best to always have diversity fairly represented as part of our content. For example, we always make sure to have models from various cultural, physical and/or sexual backgrounds for all of our collections shooting. We also took positions on many social injustices through our social platforms and tried to inspire our community to do the same.

Moving into 2021, our goal is to continue to drive actions that inspire people to adopt the same values so we may, together, build a better world.