Fighting cyberintimidation

in collaboration with Tel-Jeunes

For our 3rd collection launched on October 22nd, we are extremely proud to have partnered with Fondation Tel-Jeunes to fight against one of the major issues impacting the life of our young connected generation, the cyberintimidation.

Tel-Jeunes is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting kids since 1991. They offer free and confidential services accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Since its inception, Tel-jeunes has helped more than 1.8 million kids across Quebec.

As part of this partnership with Tel-Jeunes, we had the privilege of speaking with Soline Le Martret, communications and events advisor at Fondation Tel-Jeunes, who agreed to share with us her point of view on cyberintimidation.

This form of free and modern intimidation does a lot of damage and with the actual very difficult context of confinement, is unfortunately amplified by a thousand. In order to reduce this storm of negativity, we thought that the best way would be to mobilize our strong Stylence community to help us spread a huge wave of love through our social networks and create a mouvement under the theme...Spread The Love.

To help us broadcast this tsunami of love, we’ve surrounded ourselves with two spokeswomen, Alex-Anne Aubé-Kubel and Claudie Mercier, two ex-participants of Occupation Double who’s now playing the role of major influencer among our young generation. Claudie and Alex-Anne both accepted to share their own experience and provide a few tips to help anyone caught in this unfortunate negative spiral of cyberintimidation.

As part of this collection launch on last October 22nd, we’ve organized a big contest on both our Instagram and Facebook accounts under the theme Spread The Love, for which the objective was to encourage our community to exchange a wave of positive messages in order to help fight all this hate, with love! It’s with such gratitude and pride that we were able to witness several hundreds of people sending each other touching and inspiring messages. Here’s an excerpt:

In terms of clothing, we have designed a complete collection of trendy, ultra comfortable and sustainable loungewear including matching sets, hoodies and a special 4 color dress. All of our clothes are made from 100% organic cotton and have been designed locally. Each unique piece features a hand-written, positive and inspirational quote while the collection's exclusive hoodie, meanwhile, proudly displays on its back a work of art drawn by a local artist representing our fight against cyberintimidation.

For each item sold, we will donate $1 to Fondation Tel-Jeunes as well as $5 for the exclusive hoodie. In addition and to continue our commitment to the planet, we will also plant 1 tree for each item sold.

Thank you in advance for your support and together, let’s make a difference with style!