«We believe that fashion can and should be used to make a real difference in the world.»


This is why as part of our business model we are proud to give back 5% of our revenue as well as investing ourselves to support causes that are deep to our hearts. Moving into the future, we’ve decided to focus our efforts on one single cause for which we are the most passionate about: the animal cruelty, exploitation and rescue. During our first year of operation in 2020 and in the midst of a global pandemic, we were proud to plant 2,000 trees and donate more than 6,000$ to these amazing non-profit organizations.

One Tree Planted

Since its founding in 2014, One Tree Planted has planted close to 20 million trees in regions spanning from North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Australia. In 2020 alone, they’ve planted more than 10 million trees contributing not only to the mitigation of global warming, but also to the survival of many families and species.

For this collection, we asked a local artist to create an artwork representing the impact of deforestation on the future extinction of our beautiful jaguar. This exclusive artwork is proudly featured on the front of all our t-shirts and crewnecks. Shop the collection

With this collection, we planted more than 2,000 trees in the Amazon region, helping not only to save the habitat of many animals and species such as our Jaguar, but also providing food and jobs to many locals while protecting the future of our planet. We also developed a series of educational stories on the impact and causes of global warming that were shared through our social networks raising the awareness of this important matter over a million viewers.

«We were thrilled to partner with Stylence Apparel for this special collection. We always enjoy collaborating with brands that share the same values and want to help us in our global reforestation effort. We can certainly make a difference...one piece of clothing and one tree at a time!»

Cassandra Vitiello, Greenhouse Manager

One Tree Planted

Le regroupement des maisons pour femmes victimes de violence conjugale (RMFVVC)

With 43 houses located across Quebec, Le Regroupement des Maisons pour Femmes Victimes de Violence Conjugale constitutes a vast committed network, since 1979, to the right to physical and psychological integrity of women. In 2019, the group welcomed more than 5,000 women and children, not counting the 17,000 who received services other than accommodation.

Under the theme Let Your Light Shine, we developed an entire collection to send a strong message of hope and solidarity for our women and children in need. We asked a local artist to create an artwork representing the women's liberation. The exclusive artwork is proudly featured on the back of all our t-shirts and crewnecks with the Let Your Light Shine quote embroidered on the front. Shop the collection.

For this collection, we visited several lodging houses through a Stylence Van Tour across Quebec. After many interviews with passionate workers, as well as strong and courageous women, we developed 7 educational videos on this important matter that were shared and viewed by a million people through our social networks. We also had the opportunity to discuss this on television during Salut Bonjour Weekend. We were proud to give back 4,000$ in donation, including free clothing for all women and workers visited.

«Thank you Steve & Stephanie for this amazing partnership, for your involvement and great listening. You are proving that we can definitely make a difference with style.»

Mathilde Trou, Co-Responsible Communication and Political Files



Tel-Jeunes is an organization dedicated to supporting youth since 1991. They offer free and confidential services accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Since its inception, Tel-jeunes has helped more than 1.8 million youth across Quebec.

With the storm of negativity that was going on social networks soon after the second phase of confinement and trying to help any poor victim of cyberbullying, we’ve decided to create a huge wave of love through our new loungewear collection. Under the theme Spread The Love, each piece of clothing features a hand-written, positive and inspirational quote while our collection's exclusive hoodie, proudly displays on its back an artwork drawn by a local artist representing our fight against cyberbullying. Shop the collection

To help us broadcast this tsunami of love, we surrounded ourselves with two ex-participants of Occupation Double, Alex-Anne Aubé-Kubel and Claudie Mercier. As spokeswomen, both shared their personal experience and provided a few tips on how to deal with cyberbullying. We also organized a contest on our social platforms with the objective to encourage our community to share a wave of positive messages between themselves instead of all this hate. We were proud to give back close to 2,000$ in donation and witness thousands of people spreading love over social media.

«It's always a pride to see local businesses with great social and environmental values giving back to their communities, especially supporting our youth. Again, thank you Steve & Stephanie for this amazing collaboration.»

Soline Le Martret, Communications Advisor

Fondation Tel-jeunes