Our Story

As a blended family with two young children, two beautiful bengals and as true lovers of nature, we believe everything we do or create should be in respect of our planet, humans and animals.

After returning from a life changing trip to Greece in 2019 and becoming obsessed with the terrible impact that the fast fashion industry is having, every single day, on the destruction of our planet and all living species, we wanted to make a difference of our own by offering a more responsible way to consume fashion while also having a direct and positive social impact. This became the inspiration behind our mission.

Our mission is to have a positive impact on our planet, humans and animals with responsible, comfortable and quality clothing that empowers our customers to feel good wearing their values everyday while making a difference.

Together, Let’s Make A Difference With Style!

-Steve & Stephanie

Your Choice Makes A Difference

Consuming less, higher quality and more durable clothes that have been produced in respect of our planet, humans and animals should not be a simple trend or something “cool”, but rather a way for you to clearly express your values ​​and be proud to make a difference every day.

Good for our Planet

  • - All our clothes are made from 100% organic (GOTS certified) or recycled (GRS certified) fabric and are printed on-demand using water-based inks to avoid any waste.
  • - Every order is shipped in certified compostable bags made of plants with biodegradable wrapping paper and recycled thank-you cards.

Good for Humans

  • - Our clothes are designed and printed locally and are manufactured in ethical factories around the globe.
  • - Every product is created in fair working conditions from the sourcing of the fabrics to the delivery of the final product to your doorstep.
  • - All our imperfect clothes and extras are given away to people in need.

Good for Animals

  • - All our clothes are made from 100% cruelty-free sourced materials.
  • - None of our products and/or fabrics are tested on animals.
  • - Everything that is good for our planet is also good for humans and animals.

Be Their Hero*!

Saving the lives of animals in need while wearing planet-friendly and cruelty-free clothing...will definitely make you their hero!

«We believe that fashion can and should be used to make a real difference in the world.»

This is why as part of our business model we are proud to give back 5% of our revenue as well as investing ourselves to support causes that are deep to our hearts. Originally based on a one cause/one collection/one dollar model, we decided as of spring 2021 to focus our efforts on one single cause for which we are the most passionate about: the animal cruelty, exploitation and rescue. Our donation helps support various non-profit organizations committed to this cause. This way, every item sold contributes to saving animals’ lives.

* For us a true HERO is neither male nor female, and should never be judged by is nationality, color, sexual orientation or any other form of discrimination, but rather as a simple human being making a difference in the world.

Expanding Our Sustainable & Implicated Fashion Model To The Corporate World

In late summer 2021, we decided to expand our implicated fashion model to the corporate world by opening a new personalized clothing service division under Stylence Private ECO Label. Businesses can now dress their employees with comfort and sustainable quality while making a difference and use our clothing as a fundraiser to support the cause that matters to them. Based on our basics collection and available in 50+ colors, our services include anything from the design of your ideal clothing and its finishing, up to managing your “eStore” with fulfillment services.

Meet Our Partner - The Aristopaws

In Quebec alone, more than half a million domestic animals are abandoned each year. Of this number, a too large percentage is sadly euthanized. In such a context, it is impossible to imagine how an abandoned or stray animal in need of medical attention could have a single chance to survive. Fortunately, there is an organization that can help them...Les Aristopattes!

Les Aristopattes is a non-profit organization created in 2014 by a team passionate about animal welfare. They specialize in the rescue of abandoned or stray pets that are sick or injured and need health care assistance to survive. Acting as real heroes, they provide them with the treatments they need before finding them a new adoptive family.

Since their foundation, they were able to save more than 350 animals and this number is growing every year. We are so proud to partner with this amazing organization by giving back 5% of every purchase to help them save more lives.  


During our first year of operation in 2020 and in the midst of a global pandemic, we were proud to plant 2,000 trees and donate more than 6,000$ to various organizations.

Join our community and help us make a difference!