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Save our Jaguar T-Shirt

Size Guide

  • All t-shirts are the same is definitely not true!

    On top of being probably the softest and highest quality cotton you’ll ever feel, what makes this deforestation t-shirt so unique is the feeling of making a difference in saving the life of our beautiful Jaguar and thousands of other species and families. Each time you’ll wear your t-shirt over the years, not only you’ll always appreciate its soft comfort, but you’ll also remind yourself that somewhere in the amazon, there’s a new tree planted because of you!

    Try it out...and you’ll fall in love!

    - Oversize and relax fit
    - 100% Organic Cotton (read why it's important)
    - Designed and printed in Quebec
    - Wash cold, hang dry

    Karine (Black and Green T-Shirt) is 5'9" and is wearing size M

    Alexandra (White and Orange T-Shirt) is 5'5" and is wearing size M